New Blog, Who Dis

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’ve officially asked yourself “why the heck should I waste my precious time taking travel advice from this twenty-something hooligan?” Great question and you’re not wrong. I’m a twenty-something hooligan, unsatisfied by working two full time jobs and the fact that I have four years left of lecture halls and research papers, and have covered as much ground traveling as I have farming in the middle of Idaho. (Do they farm in Idaho?)

What I Do

At the beginning of my second semester in college, the odds of me leaving the country in the next four years were zero. I don’t mean, hmm, maybe if I save up money or take a gap year or apply abroad or, or, or, kind-of-zero. I mean unequivocally-absolutely-no questions-about-it-kinda-of-zero. Apparently, I was dealt a genetic case of “fear to abandon ship” on top of many high-horsed individuals breathing down my neck telling me to “finish college first”.

What a snooze. Instead of choosing their path (you know, the path that 20-30 people in my life decided was right for me and was consistently let down when I didn’t follow it) I’m creating my own. I attend school full time, and I travel full time. I’m on my way to getting my bachelors, masters, and teaching credential in the comfort of Airbnb’s, Australian beaches, and Thailand cat coffee shops.

Why Join Me?

Next question, please! Why should you listen to me rather than the thousand of others “defying the odds” and traveling the world? I need some practice in the teaching department. I want to coach you, inspire you, and help you discover the light inside you that will lead you all over the world. You can be a full time student and travel full time. You can make a full time salary and travel full time. You must be prepared to break the pre-conceived ideas of those around you and take responsibility for your dreams. You shouldn’t be ashamed that traveling the world is what you want out of your life, you should be shouting it from the pretty blue rooftops in Santorini! But mostly, you should actually listen to all of us, and maybe, hopefully, stop reading about it and start doing it.

What To Expect

Stay tuned for packing lists, travel itineraries, the must do’s and can skip’s (do these actually exist?) of each destination, full financial transparency, inevitable book recommendation requests, and the most heart-achy photos of me and my travel partners.

Have a great stay!

XO Gabrielle @ To Infinity And Abroad